A selection of Stefan Osnowski’s latest experimental wood engravings

Thursday May 17th, 2018

The series of Stefan Osnowski is closely related to his earlier big size woodcuts, that he exhibited with the name Passage in the Resident Art Galery in 2017. In his latest series called ENTRE – between the artist continues to follow the principle of creation based on strict rules, but this time he enriches the parallel network of lines with diagonal prints. The resulting system makes the surface into lattice […]


Translucent Reality – Exhibition of Ábel Szabó painter

Tuesday April 3rd, 2018

The paintings of Ábel Szabó made mostly during 2016-2017 depict the urban topics that we have got used to seeing from him with completely new techniques, by swapping the timeless view point to the momentary one. In order to get a photo-realistic way of looking at things the intricate method of using the brush has been changed to the method of paint applied in stains and wiped on the canvas, […]


(Magyar) A gyönyörök kertjébe vezet a Resident Art filmklubja

Thursday February 15th, 2018

” width=”1000″ height=”566″ /> A művészet templomai – Bosch: A gyönyörök kertje (2016) színes, spanyol ismeretterjesztő film hossz: 90 perc korhatár besorolás: 12 forgalmazó: Pannonia Entertainment rendező: José Luis López-Linares, Reindert Falkenburg eredeti elgondolása alapján operatőr: José Luis López-Linares zene: Juan Carlos Cid Torrejón vágó: Cristina Otero, Pablo Blanco Guzmán, Sergio Deustua executive producer: Cristina Alovisetti gyártó: López Film közreműködők • művészettörténészek: Reindert Falkenburg, Pilar Silva, Alejandro Vergara, Nils Büttner, […]

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