Leasing Artworks

We all have our personal spaces that bear special importance to us. A particular painting or sculpture can completely transform the atmosphere of a space, be that an office, negotiation room, or a spacious living room. We execute personally tailored offers upon request which include the transportation, installation, and insurance of an artowrk as well as its potential replacement from time to time.

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Transportation of artworks

Should you run into any difficulties with the transporation of an artwork, taking care of the necessary paperwork required to export the artworks or ensuring them, we are more than happy to help. Our services include the full arrangement of transportation, packaging, insurance, securing exportation permissions and shipping.

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Locating Artworks

If you are intrigued by the works of an artist, but aren’t sure where to find them, are trying to find a specific work of art, or are simply interested in a particular theme, we’ll help you find it and acquire it, be it contemporary or classic.

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Networking with Artists

If you are curious about the artistic process and would like to meet artists in their studios, please e-mail us and we will arrange a meeting or a studio visit in the context of a private tour.

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